Company Details


Established in 2011 with the goal of developing innovative software solutions, KC TEK develops exclusive web based software solutions for corporate companies and realizes initiatives that require cutting-edge technology.

KC TEK, combines the rapidly developing technologies of today’s business world on the most efficient IT platforms and offers customized solutions that go far beyond the standard software whenever package software is incapable of meeting customers’ needs.

KC TEK has been developing R&D Projects in national and international level.

KC TEK is a Software Development company and produce innovative solutions for the Turkish SME's. The solutions and products provided to the customers are;

  • Flight  Error Management Systems (Supported by Camera tech.)
  • Production Tracking Systems (Supported by RFID tech.)
  • Mobile Applications (Task Allocation & Task Tracking System, Project Tracking)
  • Solar View and Management Systems(image processing)
  • İnternational Car Park Management Systems